Emergency Engineering

We have a long history of experience in emergency engineering services from fire, earthquake, flood and vehicular damage. We have been the first consultants on site after multiple catastrophic events to identify dangerous conditions, outline safety protocols and determine a plan for bringing the building back up to code and use. We know the Grays Harbor area, the local permitting agencies and many of the nearby stakeholders. Our specific experience in emergency engineering, construction engineering (temporary shoring and support), building shell inspection, structural inspections, structural design, and development of construction plansbusiness. Insert your own photos, so customers can learn about you more and trust you.


Project References: 
Elma High School Emergency Structural Repairs
Vector provided analysis, drawings and plans for the structural repairs to Elma High School after a vehicle collided with the northwest corner of the school. We worked diligently with the school board, City of Elma building official, Insurance Company and Contractors to ensure that all phases of the repair work met the strict timeline for completion. We provided the immediate safety and exclusion area controls the day of the accident.
Client: Elma School District #68, Kevin Acuff, Superintendent
kacuff@eagles.edu 360.482.2323

Simpson Timber Co Mill 3 Explosion
When the south end of Simpson Mill 3 in Shelton exploded due to an electrical issue, Vector was on site within hours and spent the next month on site directing temporary safety controls and following along with a full design and retrofit of the area. We worked hand in hand with the owner, City of Shelton (Building Official) and insurance company. We were able to get the Mill back up and running within 8 days and then followed on to complete a full renovation of the affected area over the next few years.
Client: Simpson Timber Co., Jerry Enslow
jerry.enslow@simpson.com 253.779.6400











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